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About us

About us

Wooden accessories – that sounds special

Personally – fans of bowties and unusual accessories. Inspired by the natural, classic beauty of wood, we decided to create an unusual bowtie.
The traditional processing of extremely light beech wood combined with the extravagant design of the materials allowed us to create unique hand-made limited editions of bowties.

Our bowties combine classy look with extravagance. They can let you be distinguished at meetings, parties, weddings or at work every day!

If you value luxury handmade products, you are looking for a special-occasion gift or you just want to stand out in the world of mass production accessories – grab a bowtie and let yourself be special.

Company details

  • (+48) 660 113 362
  • Wooden Life
    DETAILS  Akademickie Inkubatory Przedsiębiorczości
    ul.Piękna 68
    00-672 Warszawa
    NIP: PL524 249 5143
    REGON: 0156 90013
    KRS 0000 199


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